Pursing The Best Possible Results For You:  Bringing More Than 17 Years Of Experience To Your Aid

Frank obtained his BA from Tulane University in New Orleans and went on to receive his law degree from Tulane University also. Furthering his studies, he also graduated in Admiralty Law from Tulane in 2013. Since entering the practice of law, he has maintained a commitment to fully pursue the best possible results for his clients in each and every matter. In matters of Civil Law, he has successfully represented residents of Louisiana and the Gulf Coast when they have been injured or accused of causing injury.

In the event of a motor accident, a fall causing injury, or even a dog bite, you want Frank on your side.

Frank also provides vigorous criminal defense representation to individuals charged with misdemeanors and felonies throughout the state courts of Louisiana. He handles everything from DUI/DWI and domestic violence to drug crimes and criminal appeals. You can count on him to explore all available options for minimizing the penalties you face or getting the charges dropped altogether.


        1. Free Consultation & Payment Plans Available

Contact our Metairie, Louisiana, law firm by email or in person to speak with our  personal injury lawyer. We offer a free initial consultation and look forward to discussing how we can make a difference for you. We encourage all Louisianans wanting to know their rights to come and see us – free – before an injury or illness occurs. For extended, serious cases, payment plan options are available.