Choose Your Lawyer Wisely


How Do You Choose a Lawyer?


NOLA Personal Injury Lawyer

NOLA Personal Injury Lawyer

Isn’t it funny how the most important things in life are the ones we find it easiest to postpone? The same guy in Louisiana who will drive home from church at breakneck speed to not miss one second of a New Orleans Saints game will put off his medical check-up, retirement planning, or an appointment with a lawyer for another month or year. Here is an absolute truth for you:


Your family without a lawyer is a football team without a coach.


And just how well would that work out?


You might be like most people, with convenient excuses like:

  • I’m a law-abiding citizen, what do I need a lawyer for?
  • I can get a lawyer when I need one.
  • Lawyers? Wouldn’t trust one of ’em.


Let’s address those common excuses one at a time:

  • That’s great that you obey the laws. Is everyone around you the same? It’s not just criminals or wrongdoers who need lawyers, victims need lawyers.
  • If you have had an accident, time is of the essence in making sure your rights are protected as soon as possible. Every word you say, every action you take fro  the moment of that accident affects the chances of you being treated fairly.
  • To that third excuse – have you talked to one?


Sure, there are lots of lawyers out there. Some you’ll like and some you won’t. If you are going to place your and your family’s safety in someone’s hands, you want to know you can trust those hands.


Doesn’t it make sense to have a lawyer on your side before an emergency?


        1. Free Consultation & Payment Plans Available

Contact our New Orleans, Louisiana, law firm by email or in person to speak with our  lawyer. We offer a free initial consultation and look forward to discussing how we can make a difference for you. We encourage all Louisianans wanting to know their rights to come and see us – free – before an injury or illness occurs. For extended, serious cases, payment plan options are available.