Driving Penalties in Louisiana

Driving Penalties in Louisiana

Driving Infractions in Louisiana

Most residents of Louisiana are well aware that our judicial system for driving penalties can be a little upside down.  We have made national news on multiple occasions for our automated ticking cameras including millions of dollars having to be repaid to previously ticketed persons.

If you have ever been to any Traffic Court in the great state of Louisiana, you know first hand the absurdity of many of our practices.  First of all, you should be prepared to spend at least 5 hours in court to handle even the most minimal of infractions.  You are guaranteed to be treated like a degenerate and a criminal…so much for Innocent Until Proven Guilty.

If you are attempting to plead your case, you can anticipate not even having a judge make eye contact with you, much less listen to your case.  The chances of self-representation and winning in a Louisiana courtroom are slim and none…and Slim is out of town.

No Point System

Among the many unique features of Louisiana’s judicial system there is the matter of driving penalties. While most states use a point system, Louisiana does not. In a point system, violations are assigned a penalty score according to their severity.

For instance, being caught speeding 5-10 MPH over the limit might be assigned a two point penalty, whereas 15-20 MPH could be a five point penalty. When accumulated penalty points reach a certain threshold, that will trigger additional fines, license suspensions or even jail time.

Repeat Offenders in Louisiana

How does Louisiana monitor repeat offenders? Our state is a participant in the Problem Driver Pointer System. The PDPS monitors and maintains a database on driver’s license records from all the United States including such information  as license suspensions and serious traffic offenses.

Although there is no formal point system in Louisiana, the courts will be made aware of your driving record if you are charged with any motor vehicle crime.  

If you are charged with a driving offense, even if it seems minor at the time, you need a legal representative to make sure justice works on your side. 

If You Have an Attorney in Court

If you have an attorney in court, at least you have a shot.  Personal injury attorneys are treated quite well in the Louisiana Courts – we will be able to avoid much of the wait as well as be heard.  We will have the ability to plea your case and potentially even win.